Monday, August 29

Today Robert picked up an enthusiastic passenger. Margot, who Hunter and the crew met at the Launch Party on Friday night, was tickled with the opportunity to float the Yellowstone in Robert’s boat from the landing at her home on the Ninth Street Island to the I-89 bridge.

The film crew captured her perfectly delicate cast from aboard Shannon’s gear raft. It was an ideal morning for Margot to get on the river and show that she has what it takes to place the hopper right where the fish will gobble it up.

During a brief hiatus at Mayor’s Landing put-in, Margot decided that the potential enjoyment of a full morning’s float was more enticing than her usual routine. After making a quick phone call to cancel her other engagements, she continued the morning cruise in pure angling bliss down to the 89 put-in.

Margot was such a true delight on this journey. She is one of those people with a magical lease on life, and we were honored to have her travel with us for a short while on the journey.

Thanks, Margot!