After a 13+ mile haul from Greycliff to Reed Point on Saturday, the crew was welcomed by a full day at the Reed Point Sheep Drive. Throughout the year, Reed Point is a peaceful small Montana Town along the banks of the Yellowstone. But, one day a year, it becomes a bustling Western Fairground, when retailers and food vendors set up their wares along Division St. In the afternoon, a local rancher runs around 300 sheep down the street, and across the River, an event which symbolizes the end of summer and the coming of winter in the seasonal Montana landscape.

What a perfect venue for connecting with some local characters! And that’s exactly what we did. Check out these snapshots from the Reed Point Sheep Drive, 2011. Want to see the sheep run? Check out the movie in the Spring!

Chatting with Locals at the Reed Point Sheep Drive

Hunter Weeks captures footage on Division Street at the Reed Point Sheep Drive

Food Vendor Selling Bags of Mini Donuts
I Farm, You Eat. Thanks for the food!

4 responses to “At the Reed Point Sheep Drive”

  • PHIL KAKO says

    Boy it breaks my heart I cant help. I see by one of the food signs one of the reasons you need financial help.
    It calls for 10 dollars for a pulled pork sandwich…………..REALLY, IN RURAL FARMING AREA LIKE THAT AND SOME ONE HAS THE GAULL TO CHARGE THAT MUCH ! ! Y OU ARE SO LUCKY i AM NOT RICH.. I love your project; I love the outdoors…..and….I….love…..MY / OUR AMERICA. Thanks again. By the by; do you have music picked out or an idea as to what,where, or who will it wil be backing the video.? Thanks again Phil Kako L.A. Ca. 90038

  • Rich says

    What a great time seeing you all in Reed Point. A great town and great company. Can’t wait to see how some of the exciting action comes across in the film. Best of luck for the remainder of the trip and thanks for letting Simms be a part of the journey.

  • Great information. Lucky me I reach on your internet site by accident, I bookmarked it.

  • Lynn says

    Sheep Drive is a wonderful event that takes place in a tiny quiet little town. Everyone works very hard to make the event a great experience for all. The townspeople have NO say in what the venders charge for their wares. I resent the insinution by Phil Kako regrding the price of a pulled pork sandwich in the heart of rural farm area. We also pay top dollar for gas and oil, tho we have all these refineries surrounding our small towns. Go figure. Here’s to rural America, and great venues such as The Reed Point Sheep Drive. We keep it real! See you next year!!